About Us

iDEK Featured List

 1. IDEK Integrated Features and Components
  • Patented IDEK frame design (with wheels)
  • DSLR Camera (Canon/Nikon/Sony)
  • Photo Booth software
  • All-in-One touch screen PC (Windows basic)
  • Front facing LED strips
  • 2- Multi-input- 32” touch screen monitors
  • Video Game console (XBOX, Playstation, Wii, etc.)
  • *Will serve as HD dvd player as well*
  • Integrated all-around LED lighting system
  • Enhanced Audio system (with upgradeable pairing tower speakers)
  • Wi-Fi pack for wireless connectivity (Hot Spot)
  • Live Stream and Internet Connectivity
  • Independent Battery Pack for self-sustaining power (possible solar panel          integrations)
  • Pay Pad for payment options (Ie; Malls, Retail Stores, even at home                    payments)
  • Remote controlled functions
  • Motion sensor activators

Mission Statement

We are looking to revolutionize the entertainment industry with an all-in-one unit that will please the masses, from an expo booth in front of thousands, to a one-on-one experience in the privacy of your own home. The IDEKiosk will create and innovate a whole new way to have fun, create a business and expand brand recognition through various avenues of entertainment and advertising. This ever-evolving Kiosk will introduce a whole new way we utilize entertainment at our fingertips. Join the Revolution… IDEKiosk Systems and Integrations.


As creator and operator of the IDEKiosk, I have truly come to value now, more than ever the
sacrifice and hard work of an entrepreneur. My whole Life I have worked hard at whatever my
goal and task were. But when you truly believe in an idea, if you truly see the bigger picture of your concept, then you have to go out and work for it. Not only work hard, but work smart and be patient. Be ready for set-backs, be ready for a lot of failures in every aspect, but the important thing is to not let those set-backs, set you back! The Value Mission for the IDEKiosk Co. is to continue to create a high quality and innovative products for the new age. We take much pride in being able to design an innovative an idea for people to enjoy and bring a smile to their faces. Nothing better than to see adults turn into kids when they stand in front of the kiosk to take a picture with a silly hat and big glasses. Or to see the young kids really interact with the kiosk while playing video games or watching a movie trailer on either screen. Or the compliments from people just on the overall design and LED lighting. “If Your Company consist of a product that makes people Happy, then the formula for success is in the Smile of each User. Happiness is Success”- EG


The benefits of owning or even operating an IDEKiosk are endless. Not to sound too cliché but
this all-in-one unit can be applied to almost any type of entertainment or daily applications. For the
personal home user, the IDEKiosk can stream news, weather, social media interaction, Google
research and of course the fun integrations like the high quality camera for photo booth or
personal “selfies” and videos that you can instantly upload and share with friends, family and the world. As a franchise owner of the IDEKiosk, you can market your business in many ways and in many markets. Solely as a photo booth operator, you can take advantage of the IDEKiosk’s great and unique design. The all-digital and highly advanced software give this unit an extraordinary lead in the entertainment world. You can also use the added features for an up sale at any event. Photo Booth, Karaoke, Video Gaming and a fully integrated audio system are only a few of the countless
features that the IDEKiosk units provide. As a franchise owner, your return of investment is quick and almost effortless. IDEKiosk Co. is currently working on creating a system that will make the IDEKiosk brand instantly recognizable, like a REDBOX movie rental kiosk. “We want to be the REDBOX of the photo booth and entertainment industry” -EG